A Very Cold Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse! / by Matthew Bryant


There were a lot of adjectives for this lunar eclipse. I spent a couple of hours photographing the various stages of the total lunar eclipse on the night of January 20th from my driveway. The moon was very high in the sky and was difficult to photograph with any ground based elements so I opted to make a collage of some of the better images I was able to make in-between running inside the house to warm up my camera operating fingers. This was also my first time using Photoshop to merge images together...a fun learning experience.

Why does the Moon turn an orange/red during a total lunar eclipse? It's illuminated by every sunrise and sunset on Earth simultaneously! I can only imagine what Earth would look like from the surface of the Moon during this time...Earth ringed by sunsets and sunrises! Someone needs to photograph that!

Until then, hope you enjoy these!