Iconic Yellowstone / by Matthew Bryant

On our last morning in Yellowstone (26 June, 2018) we drove once more into the Lamar Valley to wolf watch. While there we came upon some adorable bison calves and moms. We also explored some iconic spots including Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and Grand Prismatic Spring. Although plenty of other photographs of these iconic spots have been taken by other photographers, I still enjoyed doing so myself. In processing the images of the canyon in particular I noticed a seeming increase in sharpness as I moved from f/16 to f/9.0 on my new Fujinon XF 18-135mm lens.

As we drove south from YNP to Grand Teton National Park, we spotted a canid which was either a giant coyote or a small wolf--Alison and I decided it was indeed a wolf. :-) Unfortunately, Since I wasn't expecting any wolves and we had just come from some landscape shoots, I didn't have the telephoto lens on my camera and wasn't able to get a close-up shot. I suppose that means I need to travel with two cameras next time!